Tool Building Measurement

Tool building requires precision. Making sure the tool you need for a specific product conforms to established specifications is critical in the mass manufacturing process. Accurate tools produce accurate parts and assemblies — and FARO solutions can help.

Tool Manufacturing and Inspection

Crafting a tool and its related components for complex jobs is a technical and at times multifaceted process. Having the right tool for the right job enhances productivity, slashes costs and boosts customer satisfaction by delivering accurate and repeatable results. FARO Vantage Laser Trackers and FaroArm® portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) provide accurate, real-time data to create tools that ensure the parts are manufactured to the highest standard. With these metrology instruments, toolmakers can identify or predict defects by evaluating the dimensional integrity of the tools that manufacturers require.

Tool Building Measurement

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Vantage Laser Trackers

Proving the way forward for fast and accurate measurements for assembly, alignment and reverse engineering needs.

BuildIT Metrology Software

For confident management of all dimensional validation processes throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.

Gage FaroArm®

The most affordable portable non-contact measurement arm; perfectly suited for small-size, high-accuracy tasks.

CAM2 Software

Designed to easily and intuitively manage quality assurance and inspection tasks, featuring guided workflows and extensive reporting capabilities.

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