Rapid Prototyping

Create parts faster and with greater precision using virtual 3D models.
Whether you’re in the automotive, medical or aerospace industry, get a head start on your mass production process by creating a digitized model of the representative part. FARO’s 3D laser scanning solutions get it done fast.

Precision for Rapid Prototyping Machines

As a key component of the additive manufacturing process, rapid prototyping gives product manufacturers the edge they’ve been looking for: the ability to create prototype parts from 3D laser scanned models. Doing so provides an enhanced line of sight for detecting errors and misaligned product geometries. Using digital models also reduces waste and the need for special tooling. 

The first prototypes can be 3D printed using the digital model — no need for time-consuming, expensive machining. The prototype can then be scanned to check for accuracy. With the ability to receive real-time feedback from clients, rapid prototyping continues to transform manufacturing across a host of industries. 

Rapid Prototyping

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The global standard in non-contact, portable measurement arm technology; an all-in-one solution.

RevEngTM Software

Creates perfect models and CAD-ready files through 3D point-cloud capture and mesh generation.

CAM2 Software

Designed to easily and intuitively manage quality assurance and inspection tasks, featuring guided workflows and extensive reporting capabilities.

Focus Laser Scanners

For fast, complete and accurate measurements of complex objects.

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