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FARO is your single source for fully accredited precision measurement instruments and integrated software solutions.
Measurement service providers face new challenges every day, so it’s critical to partner with a leader in 3D measurement, imaging and digital realization technology. With FARO’s versatile, dependable hardware and software solutions, you’ll offer increased speed, efficiency and reliability with fast, accurate data collection. Whether you’re measuring manufactured parts, documenting complex environments or scanning as-built objects and converting those scans into vivid 3D virtual renderings for upload into the latest BIM models, FARO puts the right information in your customers’ hands.

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Precision Measurement Insights

FARO has helped all major industries apply the latest measurement and 3D scanning technologies to their operations. Find case studies, videos and other resources to help you apply these solutions to your 3D measurement services.

Measurement Product Spotlight


The most trusted contact, portable measurement arm technology; ideal for precision assembly in tough industrial environments.


The global standard in non-contact, portable measurement arm technology; an all-in-one solution.

FARO Vantage Laser Trackers

Proving the way forward for fast and accurate measurements for assembly, alignment and reverse-engineering needs.

FARO CAM2 Software

Designed to easily and intuitively help users perform their quality assurance and inspection tasks, CAM2 features guided workflows and extensive reporting capabilities.

FARO Focus Laser Scanners

Captures fast, straightforward and accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings.


Automatically combines individual scans from any laser scanner to create a cohesive point cloud.
Greater precision in our results and speed at work.
Jose Mata
Soluciones de MediciÓn Tridimensional S.A. de C.V., Guadalupe, MX
FARO equipment has allowed us to offer the most versatile 3D scanning and measurement services to our customers. The quality and dependability has enabled us to maintain customers over a long period of time.
Mike Durham
Absolute Geometries
We are generating a new customer base due to the enhanced inspection capabilities and improved customer satisfaction on our accuracy of measurements.
Kevin Turner
Magna Machine Co.

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