Injection Molding Inspection

Inspect or reverse-engineer molds and parts with the highest precision.
Injection molding requires accurate tools and accurate first articles. FARO solutions help you deliver — by detecting mold errors at first-article inspection and ensuring exceptional precision during reverse engineering and parts inspection.

Accurate Injection Molding Measurement

Injection molding operations are high-intensity and precision-oriented. Mold accuracy is critical, so the ability to measure dimensional geometries to the highest degree is the key to ensuring quality. 3D laser scanning is the top-rated non-contact solution for this kind of measurement. By gathering comprehensive point cloud data and turning that data into 3D models, operators can detect the most minute non-conformities. They can also use the data to reverse-engineer first-article products to build a better, more accurate mold, or create one where none exists. The result is a more efficient, faster process that reduces errors and costly rework.

Injection Molding Inspection

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The global standard in non-contact, portable measurement arm technology; an all-in-one solution.

CAM2 Software

Designed to easily and intuitively manage quality assurance and inspection tasks, featuring guided workflows and extensive reporting capabilities.

Super 6DoF TrackArm

Combines the measurement accuracy of laser tracking with the flexibility of a FaroArm or ScanArm; ideal for hard-to-reach places.

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