Safety Planning

Get ahead of your pre-incident planning needs with 2D or 3D laser scanning.
Effective safety planning starts with knowing the building or site layout. FARO solutions enable site documentation in less time and with greater detail than ever before.

The Foundation of Your Pre-incident Plan

In the public safety arena, anticipating how to react to incidents before they occur is the best way to protect people and property. That’s because the more you know about a site layout and its internal structures, the faster your response time will be if the unfortunate happens. 

Traditionally, blueprints and photography were the principal tools for developing site-specific safety plans and documentation for emergency responders. Today’s technology, including 2D and 3D scanning, means less reliance on methods that may not conform to the structure’s as-built conditions. It’s the best way to provide emergency personnel with the information they need to act quickly, save lives and reduce property damage.


ScanPlanTM 2D Handheld Mapper

Accurately captures the 2D, as-built floor plan of any building as fast as you can walk through it.

FARO Zone 3D Software

Produces stunning visuals with 2D/3D diagrams, analysis, animations and videos.

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