Production, Fabrication and Assembly

Enhancing your operations with 3D measurement solutions
Reach your production goals, whether you need to improve alignment and part placement, speed up tooling or maintenance, or increase throughput and yield.

Overcome Your Production Challenges with FARO

You’re under pressure to improve throughput and efficiency, so you’re always looking to bring more precision to your manufacturing lines. But you can’t implement a precision measurement solution that upends your team’s process or requires extensive training. You need it to start working right away and deliver substantial ROI for years to come. We understand these challenges at FARO. Our 3D measurement technologies easily integrate with your production and assembly solutions and your fabrication tools and technology — bringing business value from the moment of setup.

Ease of Use and Intuitive Workflows

With FARO solutions, data and reporting outputs are accessible and easy to understand, helping your team quickly identify issues and avoid process delays.

Compatibility with Your Production Line

FARO hardware and software solutions easily fit with other equipment and processes you already use for product manufacturing.

Reliable Post-sale Support

Rest assured that FARO provides immediate support to minimize downtime, as well as ongoing training for your expanding team.

Production, Fabrication and Assembly Solutions

FARO 3D measurement technologies help manufacturers enhance their production, fabrication and assembly processes in many ways.

Manufacturing Equipment Alignment

Inspect tools and machines with precision and accuracy.

Assembly Guidance and Visual Templating

Expedite guided assembly and in-process verification processes.

Machine Tool and Robot Calibration

Prevent drifts and ensure consistent, reliable production.
A worker performing a composite manufacturing inspection

Composite Manufacturing and Inspection

Build with strength, flexibility, accuracy and safety.
A parts assembly management worker assembling parts in a factory

Parts Assembly Management

Take the complexity out of your most comprehensive assemblies.
Two workers holding a component and using special equipment for large-scale parts assembly management

Large-scale Parts Assembly Management

Measure large parts with ease right on the assembly floor.
Two workers replacing an airplane engine with a device that required careful tool building measurement

Tool Building Measurement

Ensure the accuracy of your tools and related components.
An industrial automation system for vehicle manufacturing

Industrial Automation Quality Control

Automate industrial processes and eliminate the guesswork in quality control.
It is very easy to move to the production floor and other areas of the plant, unlike a fixed CMM.
Wilson Kim
I have been using FARO devices for most of my career. Every place I have ever worked, I tried to get FARO integrated into their process on the production and inspection level. Awesome product and awesome company.
Anthony Roberts
Heizer Aerospace Industries
It is a very versatile piece of equipment. The use is very intuitive, meaning less training time and more production.
Keith Storm
Ericco Tool & Manufacturing Co.

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For 40 years, FARO has partnered with manufacturers to improve their production, fabrication and assembly operations. We want to do the same for you.

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