FARO® RevEngTM Software

3D point-cloud capture and mesh generation for reverse engineering
The advanced FARO RevEng Software platform empowers users with a comprehensive digital design experience. The reverse-engineering software helps create and edit high-quality meshes and CAD surfaces from 3D point clouds for reverse-engineering workflows. Industrial designers can then use these mesh models for further design or 3D printing. 

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Business Value of RevEng

Increase Speed and Quality

Best-in-class mesh generation and editing tools, such as automatic mesh fixing, advanced repair/adjustment tools and enhanced smoothing and fitting help you work faster and smarter.

Streamline 3D Printing Workflows

Advanced hole filling and simplification tools help generate offsets and shells, exporting watertight meshes ready for 3D printing.

Get Usable CAD Surfaces Faster

The automatic NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline) surface creation within the Sketch Tool lets you generate NURBS surfaces with a single click, while still giving you full control with its flexible control point placement, streamlining workflows for getting usable CAD surfaces.

Easy 3D Point Cloud Capture

Point cloud data capture solutions such as the FARO 8-Axis Quantum ScanArm make it easy to capture and align point clouds.

Import Any Data Format

Interoperability allows for importing meshes in any format from 3D point cloud software.

RevEng Performance

A Seamless Scan-to-CAD Workflow

RevEng allows operators to use point cloud data capture devices such as the ScanArm as a reverse-engineering tool. Easily capture and edit meshes in color to create the perfect model or CAD-ready file. Data ranging from high-resolution color point clouds to simple mesh files can be transformed into detailed meshes, providing more insight into the design, composition and visual differentiation between materials and textures. 

RevEng’s intuitive user interface visually displays all the tools within a single screen. This facilitates the easy manipulation and customization of a 3D object to meet specific design requirements, improving workflow productivity to provide users with a competitive advantage.


RevEng Features

Automatic Mesh Optimization Tool

Get dimensionally accurate, reliable and repeatable mesh file results.

Best-in-class Mesh Editing

Use tools for automated mesh fixing, improved smoothing effectiveness and more.

Automatic NURBS Surface Creation

NURBS (Non-uniform Rational B-Spline) Sketch Tool streamlines the creation of exportable CAD surfaces from point clouds, with automatic and fully editable workflow.

Reliable, Robust Device Connection

Set up RevEng quickly.

Efficient, Rapid 3D Point Capture

Eliminate overlapping points.

Grid Management

Create clean, consistent, light models (up to 1.75 times lighter).

Easy User Interface

Work quickly and intuitively from the start.

3D Metrology Applications


Efficient Product Design and Engineering 

Enhance the design process with the software platform made for reverse engineering. Whether your work requires aftermarket design, replacement parts or new design iterations for the auto industry and other segments — RevEng streamlines the entire process. See all product design and engineering applications >  

Architecture, Engineering and Construction Applications


Historic Preservation 

Reverse-engineer missing components or replacement parts for historical structures as part of a reconstruction and restoration effort. See all historic preservation applications >

RevEng Insights

When you work with FARO, you benefit from our years of experience providing our customers with solutions that optimize their work. We’ve collected all our Product Design and Engineering insights in a library of resources for you.

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