Advance in Metalworking, Machining and Assembly

FARO solutions ensure accuracy and quality control.
With applications ranging from the largest aircraft carrier to myriads of precision component parts, the metalworking, machining and assembly industry is essential to the global economy. Accuracy is key for forming, joining and cutting metals. With a wide selection of portable precision measurement solutions from FARO, you can measure parts with great accuracy, right on the shop floor — arriving at answers sooner and gaining from the experience.

Reach perfection through precision in your metalworking operations

Quality Engineers

Reduce costs by managing enhanced process efficiencies.

Tool Builders

Create and align tooling during assembly or sub-assembly with new approaches and technologies.

Production Engineers

Increase the number and/or frequency of alignments, while eliminating human error.

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Metalworking Insights

When you work with FARO, you benefit from our years of experience helping a wide range of metalworking machine manufacturers hone their operations. We’ve collected all our insights in a library of resources for you.

Metalworking Product Spotlight

FARO Quantum FaroArm® and ScanArm Series

The most trusted contact, portable measurement arm technology; ideal for precision assembly in tough industrial environments.

FARO Vantage Laser Trackers

Proving the way forward for fast and accurate measurements for assembly, alignment and reverse-engineering needs.

FARO Tracer Laser Projectors

Project an accurate laser outline onto a 3D surface or object; ideal for composite layup applications.
Makes prototype inspection a lot easier.
Mark Kalp
Wheeler Bros Inc.
Using the FaroArm, we are now able to check and rework until our parts are in perfect tolerance with the CAD models. This accuracy has gained us customers, and now we are able to have work sent to us, just to be scanned, and returned. This arm has created multiple new jobs for us!
Jordan Parker
Diversified Pattern & Engineering Co Inc.
Accuracy and repeatability [have] been greatly improved on the floor, and it’s so easy to take around the warehouse.
Jason Chen
O’Neal Steel Inc.

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