FARO® BuildIT Metrology Software

For managing dimensional validation processes throughout manufacturing

Quality control, tool building, guided assembly and machine alignment require complex workflows in today’s manufacturing environments. The FARO BuildIT Metrology Software product simplifies these processes with real-time guidance tools, advanced algorithms and easy-to-set-up automation. It’s the industry’s leading 3D metrology software platform for alignment, build and inspection applications, incorporating more than 20 years of proven expertise in delivering best-in-class measurement solutions to the manufacturing industry.

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Business Value of BuildIT Metrology

Eliminate Labor-intensive Tasks

Workflows are simple to set up, yet powerful in the ways they automate tasks — from data acquisition to analysis and reporting. Powerful macros make programming easy, so an expert is not required to complete the data capture for frequently measured parts and assemblies.

Empower All Workers

Anyone can perform complex inspections with advanced geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) callouts with the comprehensive GD&T module (ASME Y14.5 and ISO 1101 standards compliant), automatic alignment and evaluation.

Improve Speed and Efficiency

Automated workflows, faster alignment, shorter inspection cycle times and dynamic reporting save time. Large datasets (extensive and dense point clouds) feature powerful and advanced algorithms tailored for point clouds.

Minimize Waste

Real-time guided part alignment and placement results in fewer errors and less scrap.

Solve Unique Challenges

Multiple FARO hardware devices can be combined to deliver unique solutions, solving complex customer challenges (e.g., ability to see results in real life with projections derived from measurements).

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Ensure products conform to design requirements and tolerances.

BuildIT Metrology Performance

The Leading 3D Metrology Software Platform

BuildIT Metrology includes powerful CAD-to-part inspection, data collection and analysis software, enabling quick and easy dimensional verification of manufactured parts and assemblies.

Large Scan Datasets

BuildIT Metrology loves point clouds. It can easily handle massive amounts of points with fluidity.

Certified Algorithms

Geometry fitting algorithms are certified by both the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of the fitting algorithms.

BuildIT Metrology Features

Model-based Definition (MBD)

Use with industry-standard CAD formats and assembly-level data, including Product Manufacturing Information (PMI). Imports and preserves full tree hierarchy and object names from the original CAD models, and includes smart search and CAD editing functions that allow efficient and flexible model preparation for inspection.

Comprehensive GD&T Evaluations

Enable full model-based workflows to create/apply or import, modify, define and evaluate GD&T information. BuildIT Metrology features comprehensive coverage of the GD&T standards with automatic CAD alignment and evaluation.

Streamlined Workflows with Focus Laser Scanner

Import and register multiple scans in a single software with automatic targets (spheres, checkboards) recognition and registration or with the cloud-to-cloud registration. Real-time wireless trigger of scans from multiple Focus units and live transfer enable highly flexible automated scanning workflows with increased throughput.

Configurable Automation Module

Create repeatable, guided, automated workflows — with no coding required — and communicate with external applications like PLCs, robots and conveyor belts with Python scripts, a widely used programming language.

Hardware Compatibility

Use BuildIT Metrology with FARO and other data capture hardware, including portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), metrology 3D scanners, laser trackers, portable measurement arms, optical 3D imagers, laser projectors, total stations and external robotic devices via the automation module. Combine with a FARO Vantage Laser Tracker and ScanArm or a Focus Laser Scanner to perform detailed inspections on large objects.

Dedicated Tools for Vantage Laser Trackers

Rely on flexible real-time deviation read-outs for alignment and positioning details, flexible laser-aim functions and powerful network bundling algorithms for improved accuracy by minimizing measurement uncertainty when relocating trackers.

Dynamic Projection with Tracer Projector

Fully compatible with FARO Tracer, live projection of objects derived from measurements can be achieved for creating augmented reality solutions.

Real-time Feedback

Instantly identify problems during inspection and alignment through color-deviation maps and numerical/graphical feedback.

Universal Interface

Easily operate BuildIT Metrology, with minimal training required.

Color-coded Tolerance Callouts

Easily identify pass-fail conditions along with their evaluated values.

3D Metrology Applications


Quality Control and Inspection

Quickly and easily verify dimensions of manufactured parts and assemblies in nearly any industry. BuildIT Metrology is ideal for tool building measurement, parts assembly management and overall quality control. See all quality control and inspection applications >

Production, Fabrication and Assembly

Enhance production processes with improved manufacturing equipment alignment and industrial automation quality control. See all production, fabrication and assembly applications >

Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Applications

Digital Twin for Asset and Facility Management

Automated scanning workflows make it easy to create a digital twin of any facility for long-term management and planning purposes. See all digital twin applications >

BuildIT Metrology Insights

When you work with FARO, you benefit from our years of experience providing our customers with solutions that optimize their work. We’ve collected all our Quality Control and Inspection insights in a library of resources for you.

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BuildIT Metrology has allowed us to expose more people to 3D measurement. It’s empowered employees with little experience to step right in and begin measuring production parts.
Richard Guess
United Technologies Aerospace Systems
Periodic inspection times in large assembly fixtures have been cut in half. BuildIT Metrology gives a clear and concise picture of what’s going on.
Carl Melancon
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Intuitive interface. Easy to use, yet powerful.
Li Guan
Oasis Alignment

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