Rely on the Best Forensic Reconstruction Technologies

FARO solutions enable accurate crash reconstruction.
Forensic engineers need to find out why: Why did the crash occur? Why did the structure collapse? Why did the part fail? An accurate representation of the event’s physical details is crucial for reaching scientifically precise answers. Our forensic reconstruction technologies help you achieve just that.

Quickly collect data from the scene of a crash or structural collapse

Crash Reconstructionists

Capture the scene evidence you need for thorough, quick and accurate analysis back in the office.

Forensic Engineers

Collect the data you need to complete investigations and analyses to help solve clients’ most complex problems.

Forensic Animators

Use 3D scanners to quickly capture details to create accurate scene models for court.

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Forensic Reconstruction Insights

In partnering with FARO, you’ll benefit from our years of experience helping investigators and public safety professionals hone their operations. We’ve collected all our insights in a library of resources for you.

Forensic Reconstruction Product Spotlight

FARO Focus Laser Scanners

Captures fast, straightforward and accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings.

Scanner FARO Freestyle 2

Designed for fast, photorealistic 3D reality capture with ultra-responsive real-time display.

FARO ScanPlanTM 2D Handheld Mapper

Accurately captures the 2D, as-built floor plan of any building as fast as you can walk through it. 


Automatically combines individual scans from any laser scanner to create a cohesive point cloud.

FARO Zone 3D Software

Produces stunning visuals with 2D/3D diagrams, analysis, animations and videos. 
In the past we relied on photography as our key representation of a crime scene. Since acquiring the FARO Laser Scanner, our judges and juries can see a 360-degree view. Additionally, sometimes things were missed when taking photographs. With the FARO Laser Scanner you can capture the entire scene.
Andrew Alvarado
Mendocino County District Attorney, Ukiah, CA.
Keep electronic copies of files for easy recall.
Dave Pelton
Allendale Fire Department, East Lansing, MI
The amount and quality of the data collected fits perfectly with our company’s analysis of incidents and our production of visualization products that support our position throughout the litigation process.
Tilo Voitel

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