Parts Assembly Management

Take the complexity out of your most comprehensive assemblies.
Measure and manage your assembly components and assemblies — and do so faster and smarter than the competition with 3D measurement solutions from FARO.

Precision Assembly Technologies

Turning an assembly of parts into a cohesive whole is what converts a pile of metal, wood, rubber, plastics and subsystems into a usable product. Along the way, it’s critical that those parts are put together within tight tolerances. Defects must be detected early and preferably during the assembly process — otherwise, more time, money and effort will be spent correcting the problems later in the assembly process. FARO 3D measurement solutions get the job done with speed and precision.

Parts Assembly Management

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Vantage Laser Trackers

Proving the way forward for fast and accurate measurements for assembly, alignment and reverse engineering needs

Quantum Max FaroArm® Series

The most trusted contact, portable measurement arm technology; ideal for precision assembly in tough industrial environments.

Tracer Laser Projectors

Accurately project a laser outline onto a 3D surface or object; ideal for composite layup applications.

CAM2 Software

Designed to easily and intuitively manage quality assurance and inspection tasks, featuring guided workflows and extensive reporting capabilities.

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