LiDAR-enabled 3D scanning for iOS devices allowing AEC and O&M professionals to capture existing conditions in seconds.

On a jobsite, scanning speed, accuracy and equipment ease of use are the three variables that must be kept in constant check. If any one of these metrics is out of sync, project delays can mount, alignment errors can develop and business can be lost.

SiteScape, which features LiDAR-enabled 3D scanning for iOS devices, manages all three vectors with one simple app-based solution, capturing scale accurate 3D scans of buildings, rooms, and spaces with the simplicity of taking a standard photo or video. Users can create high resolution 3D scans in real time, convert scans into BIM and CAD models, make measurements, add comments and photo annotations, and share models with teammates or export them in a variety of formats for use in 3D modeling software.

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Business value of SiteScape

Deliver higher quality projects

Bring better references into your 3D modeling software so that you can reconcile design plans with existing conditions and help your client visualize the finished project.

Reduce costs

Maximize your investment by streamlining costs. App-based LiDAR scanning is a cost-effective way to capture what you need without extra cost.

Capture in seconds

SiteScape only requires an iPhone or iPad and the ability to hold and point the device in the direction of the object/s you want to capture. This speed and ease of use has an important multiplier effect, allowing project stakeholders to complete tasks faster and have the added time to win new business.

Document and share

With 3D capture this fast, it's finally possible to keep BIM models up to date so that the whole team can operate with the latest information. Just take a scan of what's changed and send it straight to your modeler. Eliminate static photo ambiguity and ensure all project stakeholders have the information they need to identify the right solution.

Technology familiarity

Without the need for custom hardware, SiteScape is as plug-in-play as it gets. Today, with over 1 billion active iPhone users in the world, 3D laser scanning has never been this easy or efficient. If you can use an iPhone, you can use your new scanner. The lack of learning curve and comfort using the technology means specialist and generalists alike can get to scanning, fast.

SiteScape enables LiDAR equipped mobile devices to easily capture indoor spaces digitally, providing a readily available entry-point to scanning physical spaces for a broad range of AEC and O&M applications.

Central to SiteScape’s success is its unparalleled ability to democratize data; to make information accessible to all project stakeholders, as well as clients. Integrating SiteScape's iOS-enabled LiDAR capability into FARO Sphere further streamlines multiple capture methods into a centralized environment, accessible in a single environment. This unique capability ensures construction and facilities operators/managers access to the widest portfolio of reality capture methods in the market, which include: Lidar, 360° photo, video, mobile mapping and terrestrial laser scanning.

Whether you’re looking to save time, reduce rework, and deliver higher quality projects by enabling workers on and off the jobsite to communicate and coordinate using full 3D context, SiteScape is the fastest and easiest way to achieve those goals.

Document, share and troubleshoot problems on site

SiteScape uses the LiDAR sensor in the latest Apple devices to create high resolution 3D scans in real time and enables users to easily make measurements, add comments, and share models with teammates or export them in a variety of formats for use in 3D modeling software like Revit.

3D As-built documentation

Deliver comprehensive 3D as-built documentation to your clients in a fraction of the time. Save time onsite, differentiate from your competitors, and stay ahead of new documentation requirements.

Verify finished projects

Confirm that what was supposed to be installed has actually been installed, correctly, documenting MEP and utility spaces.

Produce record drawings

Seamlessly connect existing conditions with design plans. Modernize as-built documentation, deliver as-built models faster and keep digital documents up to date.

Photo Annotation

Photo annotations makes SiteScape the ultimate site inspection tool. 3D scans with embedded photos provide the best of both worlds with spatial dimensions and context from the scan plus fine grain details like small objects and readable text.

BIM and CAD Model Conversion

With Order BIM, the latest SiteScape feature in partnership with Integrated Project Technologies and its BIMIT platform, users receive editable, design-ready BIM and CAD files in industry-standard file formats in as little as one business day at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions, saving hours on drafting and 3D modeling.

Super fast scanning

One tap scanning means maximized speed and a great first step at the beginning of a project for retrofit or renovation. With an iOS-based LiDAR scan, field engineers can gain an understanding of the physical space they’re working with and to help guide informed decisions on what’s going to remain, what’s going to be removed, and what new elements need to be brought together to complete the project

Real time 3D LiDAR capture

Take 3D scans in a matter of seconds and use that data to augment your CAD design. It is the fastest way to capture and share scale-accurate 3D scans of buildings, rooms, and interior spaces ideal for small and medium-sized projects.

iOS compatibility

Enjoy the benefits of Instant site documentation. Saves hours on field measurements and thousands in rework. All you need is a few moments and an iPhone 12-14 Pro, iPhone 12-14 Pro Max, or 2020-2022 iPad Pro.

Built for construction

Export industry-standard RCP, E57, and PLY files to your preferred CAD/BIM software. Unlock a new level of efficiency and confidence by connecting designs to existing conditions and save hours on drafting and modeling.

Inch-level accuracy

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a scan is worth a thousand measurements. Get inch-level accuracy and the full context with the only app that can accurately capture at the building-scale, up to 5,000 ft² or 500 m², with SiteScape Multi-Scan.

Mobile Scanning

With the ability to capture thousands of points per second, (which is really thousands of individual measurements which can be used to dimension and understand jobsite conditions in 3D) SiteScape is ideal for fast, mobile scanning of small to medium-sized spaces. While not as accurate as a traditional 3D laser scanner, the technology is sophisticated enough to provide a reliable overview of the as-built condition of a physical jobsite and intricacies of both interior and exterior spaces.

Early Stage Design

If just getting the lay of the land is your goal on a construction site, then SiteScape is the way to go. This is especially true for redesign and retrofit. Considered to be an advanced form of “3D tracing paper” project leaders can make informed decisions of what will be added and eliminated to the physical asset.

Solving On-site Issues

Sometimes the best-laid plans don’t go exactly as planned. Identify alignment errors on-site (for example: the placement of MEP work and steel beams) and use that real-time data to mechanical, fire suppression and HVAC subcontractors, in order to effect system reroute.

Capturing As-built Conditions

As a concluding step in the build process, SiteScape is beneficial when it comes to documenting the as-built condition of the physical space. Use it to ensure the as-built matched original design schematics and also as a way to future proof prospective updates and changes.

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