Castings and Molds

Create complex shapes with high resolution and accuracy.
Prevent defects and avoid costly reworks with advanced 3D scanning solutions from FARO. Our solutions for inspection and reverse-engineering of castings and molds provide unmatched speed, ease and accuracy.

Precision Cast Modeling

From ancient tools to parts for automobiles and other industrial and commercial products, casting is a centuries-old technique with critical contemporary relevance. Today, 3D laser scanning guarantees its success, ensuring that molds match design specifications and radically reduce rework costs.

FARO’s technology also provides the vital stock-condition check prior to the machining process to make sure there is enough surface or material to make the process worthwhile. Whether you’re inspecting die molds, dies for die casting, patterns and cores, or wax dies and patterns for investment casting, FARO has your casting needs covered.  

Castings and Molds

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The most trusted contact, portable measurement arm technology; ideal for precision assembly in tough industrial environments.


The global standard in non-contact, portable measurement arm technology; an all-in-one solution.

CAM2 Software

Designed to easily and intuitively manage quality assurance and inspection tasks, featuring guided workflows and extensive reporting capabilities.

Super 6DoF TrackArm

Combines the measurement accuracy of laser tracking with the flexibility of a FaroArm or ScanArm; ideal for hard-to-reach places.

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