Product Design and Engineering

Ensuring accuracy and speed with product design tools
Overcome your design and engineering challenges by increasing design generation speed, sharing mockups more efficiently and interpreting data more easily for manufacturing.

Optimize Your Design Process with FARO

You’re always looking for ways to finalize and deliver your designs faster, but it’s hard to justify an investment in product design software or engineering solutions when you’re under pressure to cut costs. You need to know that the product design solution will pay off fast and won’t require additional investments in software and training. FARO is here to help. Our 3D measurement technologies are easy to use, integrate with your existing software and deliver a significant, measurable business value. 

Speed of Workflow

With FARO engineering solutions, you’ll dramatically reduce the time it takes to turn your ideas into designs that can easily be produced.

Ease of Use

You can quickly and easily integrate the data outputs from a FARO design solution with your existing design software.

Reliable Post-sale Support

Rest assured that FARO provides immediate support to minimize downtime, as well as ongoing training for your expanding team.

Design and Engineering Solutions

FARO 3D measurement technologies help designers enhance their engineering processes in a range of applications.

Reverse Engineering

Create 3D CAD models for mass production from legacy or prototype parts.

Rapid Prototyping

Create parts faster and with greater precision using virtual 3D models.

Replacement Parts Production

Create 3D models from legacy parts or compare them to existing CAD models.
Two men looking at a part made with additive manufacturing technologies

Additive Manufacturing

Ensure precision of parts built through additive manufacturing.

Aftermarket Design and Parts Production

Create and inspect your aftermarket parts with accuracy and repeatability.

Industrial Design

Unite creativity in form and function for mass production.
Pieces from die casting mold machine in a manufacturing facility with a worker in the background


Create complex shapes with high resolution and accuracy.
A worker in a hardhat using forging technology


Forge ahead with 3D measurement tools to evaluate complex forged part geometry.
A worker interacting with a large-scale injection mold for inspection

Injection Molding Inspection

Inspect or reverse-engineer molds and parts with the highest precision.
As for a single, portable and practicable CMM, FARO just can’t be compared to. Its features and ease of use makes it one of the most sought-after pieces of hardware for inspection and even design purposes.
Bryan Hook
Hubner Manufacturing Co.
FARO technology has fundamentally changed our design process for the better.
Eric Steen
Yoshimura R&D
I use our FaroArm to measure out our optical benches and prototype design parts. It is very easy to use.
Orthell Adams
Continental Automotive GmbH (VDO)

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For 40 years, FARO has partnered with manufacturers to improve their design and engineering processes. We want to do the same for you.

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