As-built Capture and Modeling

Ensuring as-built data accuracy with 3D laser scanning solutions
Quickly capture as-built data that reflects every detail of a real-world structure so you can accurately manage the facility and plan for future upgrades and expansions.

Ensure Accurate Construction and Facility Management with FARO

As buildings become more complex, engineers, builders and owners increasingly rely on as-built design plans to ensure the accuracy of renovation plans and ongoing facility management. You know you need data and models that accurately reflect existing structures, but you don’t have time or money to invest in learning an overly complicated new technology to capture them. At FARO, we respect your concerns. We’ve developed our reliable 3D scanning devices and as-built software solutions for easy use with minimal training required. In just a few minutes, you can capture the accurate as-built data you need for facility updates, expansions, renovation solutions and overall management for the life of a building.

Ease of Use

FARO solutions are portable and easy to use, even for non-engineers and users who aren’t tech-savvy.

Accuracy of Data

When you choose FARO, you know you’re choosing a solution that delivers survey-grade data accuracy.

Reliable Post-sale Support

Rest assured that FARO provides immediate support to minimize downtime, as well as ongoing training for your expanding team.

As-built Capture Solutions

FARO 3D laser scanning and realization technologies help improve the accuracy of as-built data for construction and facility management.

For Industrial Facility Management

Scan what matters to keep industrial buildings safe, up to code and adaptable.

For Building Information Modeling

Build with confidence through detailed digital mapping.

For Infrastructure and Civil Engineering Design

Build better infrastructure and civil engineering projects.

Speak with an As-built Capture Expert

For 40 years, FARO has partnered with engineers, builders and facility managers to improve their capabilities regarding as-built capture and modeling. We want to do the same for you.

As-built Insights

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